Gutter overflows can quickly cause damage to landscaping, ruin basements and destroy the foundation of a home or structure. Improperly cared for gutters can also lead to other serious and possibly more unnoticeable problems, including, but not limited to, mold, mildew and rot. The buildup of snow and ice adds a tremendous amount of weight on a roof. Over time, it can cause the supports and gutters to pull away from the home. Hott Topper™ works in conjunction with Gutter Topper® by melting ice and snow buildup with a heating element inside the gutter and downspout. Those perilous icicles will not have a chance to hang over your head with the self-regulating heat constantly keeping the water flowing. Hott Topper™ *prevents ice damming and creates a safe, hassle-free environment.

  • 120-volt system
  • Radiates 8-watts of heat per foot of length
  • Self-regulating heat based on outside weather
  • Fits snugly over your existing gutter
  • *Prevents ice damming and ice buildup
  • Melts snow on top of gutters
  • 100% quality aluminum
  • Made in the USA

*Only on areas where the product is installed

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