Ice Dam Solution™ has been tested and proven to deliver results. It’s composed of 100% solid aluminum panels formed into 4 foot lengths by 4-3/4 inches wide with a specially designed channel that contains a 120 volt self-regulating heat cable. Self-regulating means that as the ambient temperature outside drops, the cable will increase its wattage output generating more heat and vice versa.

The cable is capable of radiating 8 watts of heat output per foot of length. The cable radiates heat through the specially designed channel and panel, which is inserted under the second shingle and secured to the roof sheathing with Phillips head deck screws.

The unique Ice Dam Solution™ can be used in conjunction with Gutter Topper, Hott Topper The Leaf Terminator®, The Needle Guard™ and The Solution™ series products, preventing ice and snow build up on the gutter protection system, thereby reducing possible damage to the house. These products are compatible with a variety of popular roof styles, offer low profiles, beauty and safety to your home or business.

  • Ice Dam Solution Product Shot
  • Ice Dam Solution Product Shot
What Is Ice Damming?

Ice damming is the result of a continuous cycle where snow on your roof is melted by the sun or heat from inside your home escaping due to inadequate insulation and/ or roof ventilation, the water runs down to the roof edge where it refreezes, then continues to build up higher until it eventually then backs up under the shingles. Ice dams can be very dangerous and costly. Some damages may not be easily seen, sometimes for years.

The Impact of Ice Damming

When the outside temperature warms up, the ice build up will begin to melt. Since the ice build up has worked its way up under the shingles, the water from the ice melting can work its way into your home, damaging the attic, the walls from water running down and eventually floors, furniture and your basement.

Preventative and Safety Measures

Proper ventilation and adequate roof insulation are vital to maintaining your home.

Adding Ice Dam Solution™ to your gutter protection system will prevent the ice build up, allowing water to flow freely down to your gutter system for proper drainage. With the proper gutter protection system installed in conjunction with the Ice Dam Solution™, the need to climb ladders and invest in costly repairs can be eliminated.

Melt into a worry free environment...invest in Ice Dam Solution™.

What is Ice Damming?